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Park Place is where a good bargain is just a bid away (with free bids all-ways) in the English, Dutch, Yankee, Auctions if you want to by and sell at a great deal and you have a set price you'll find them in our free Classifieds.  search now!  

If you want to reach the most amount for your item's then Auctioneer your items for free!  And the buyer's decide how to purchase with your terms if there different then Park Place just list them in your ads

We at park place classifieds auctions give you the links needed so you can promote your Storefront, Listing or Ad in facebook, twitter, and other  Social Networking Sites.

Sign in and become a Park Place member for free and will all-ways be.  Start by creating your first classified ad and or produce ads for your Auctions free also all the while creating your Storefronts included in our Auctioneer Directory, free and easy as 123 ABC. 

Park Place helps with Storefronts place your ads, make your sales.  Park Place Business Bringing Buyer's and Seller's together.  Selling with us gets you a broad customer base top dollar for your advertising money, and a fast turnaround on getting your item/product/service sold!

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Business Advertisers & Auctioneer's are able to post your ads, links, websites, videos ext, Just pick a related categories with a bucket of photos include up-to 50 photos with the detail descriptions of the Item's & selling Terms of your items, you pick how long your ad runs going once twice SOLD!

Place your Advertisements ads here, choose your closing dates for all your auctions with your terms or ours, you have choices with Park Place  in classifieds and or Auctions your item's <3 the advantages and get into .BIZ at Park Place!  thank you and god bless.

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